Fried vegetable fritter is one who is very well liked by everyone, the delicious taste on this kids making vegetable fritter is often good consumption in schools or at home. Well if the family likes bakwan, the following will explain how to make a delicious vegetable fritter and also delicious.

Tips make this vegetable fritter is not difficult, it's very suitable for you, the young women and housewives who like to make meals at home. Well please check out how to make a vegetable fritter.
He's A Vegetable Fritter Recipe Makes Delicious And Easy

Material Material

There are several ways to make vegetable fritter to note, namely by collecting materials such as:

Flour Vegetable Fritter
Already Sliced Cabbage

Spice Paste

Salt To Taste
Onion 5 cloves
Garlic 2 cloves
Little Chili Pepper
Flavor Enhancer

How To Make A

Note how to make vegetable fritter here carefully so they can practice it

Put the flour into a bowl with the last vegetable fritter mixed water to taste, then aduklah until blended
When it is finished, please enter the carrots cut into small little, coleslaw and corn also
Mix the ingredients the ingredients above, then please feel free to mix with herbs that have been mashed.
If all his material is already stirring, please specify whether so too hard or not. If it's too loud you can add the water a little longer, but if it is then it could fit directly in the FRY.
To fry the vegetable fritter, please make a small circle is small so that it can be quickly cooked.
Try the fire is not too large, because if the flames then could make vegetable fritter you overcook.
If it is yellow, turning bakwan last in order to ripen evenly
Well if enough already, please raise a delicious vegetable fritter of yesteryear and drain the oil.
Wait a few minutes, and enjoy with sambal tomato sauce or with hot pepper (to taste).

That's how to make a delicious and easy vegetable fritter, hopefully these recipes can add to your menu list at home Yes!

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