A visit to medan is indeed very pleasant, this is because there are a lot of attractions you can visit medan. Ranging from the beaches, museums and more, besides that there is also a food typical of medan city you have to taste so could feel the deliciousness of typical cuisine from medan.

If you have never felt the cuisine field, then below are some examples of the types of food typical of medan that if missed. Curious isn't it? The food is very tasty on this one, and to issue a calm only because the price is quite cheap and affordable!

He's 4 Food typical of Medan which is mandatory in the Sample

Durian Ucok

One of the specialties of the first field is the city with the taste of durian ucok, tavern belonging to bang ucok is very crowded by the curious buyer who will taste of durian medan. Durian ucok pun is never out of stock, even though there are many who buy it every day lo PAL.

Bolu Meranti

Bolu meranti this bentunya like sponge cake roll with texture that is very soft and sweet also. If you are lovers of sweet food then must try to snack on this one, there are many variants of bolu meranti is such as mocca, pineapple and nuts also.

Bika Ambon

The food is typical of medan and the third is to try bika ambon, bika ambon is much sought after by all those who visit to medan. Therefore, if you visit medan so do not forget to taste the lah bika ambon on this one.

Pea Sihobuk

Bean sihobuk it tastes pretty savory and too sweet, the texture was very crisp and crunchy as well so it is very suitable to be used as snacks while relaxing at home or friends to watch tv. You don't have to worry, because nuts sihobuk was chosen the best quality so that the buyer will not disappoint.

4 typical food city of medan that hopefully can be a food recommendation you can sample while in the city of medan.

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