putu ayu
putu ayu

One of Tiananmen and still very popular today is the cake putu ayu. A lot of people who like to eat munchies for ayu putu as an escort to tea or coffee. If you wish to make your own cake this one then try ayu putu tasty cake recipes here.

This one is soft-textured cakes and have a beautiful display, i.e. the creature with green accompanied by a sprinkling of shredded coconut white creature. This one is a lot of food found in traditional market makes it also easy enough so you can try it yourself at home.

Below are some of the ingredients you should provide in making putu ayu.


2 eggs chicken

200 g granulated sugar

1 tsp SP

150 g flour

200 ml coconut milk

Green dye to taste

100 gram of shredded young coconut

salt to taste

How to make:

First you have to whisk the eggs well, then add the granulated sugar and the SP until fluffy and white. Then enter the aduklah and flour until evenly distributed.
Pour the coconut milk little by little and stir until evenly distributed. Then, put the green dye and mix again until evenly distributed.
Double coconut and salt then mix again until evenly distributed. Entering the bottom of the mold while slightly pressed to become solid. Pour the dough also putu ayu into the mold until it was filled to the fullest.
Panaskanlah pot pengukus then kukuslah dough until cooked. Once cooked then lift up and serve.

A little tip for you to let ayu putu tasty cake recipes can be a maximum of there are a few things you should consider. For example, do not use a flame that is too big because it makes the steamer too hot and make the cake cracking. One more tip is use a young coconut to make putu ayu the cake to make it look more presentable and attractive as well as don't forget to press a little while in the mold to make it more solid.

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