Tofu Meatballs
Tofu Meatballs

Speaking of the food problem is not endless, well this time authors will share a new recipe that might still be heard by the new mother. If you often make meatballs from beef, the following will explain how to make meatballs out which tasty and also very tasty.

Recipe this one is very easy to Cook, also the mother of not have to bother searching for the ingredients of the ingredients because it is so easily obtained in the stalls or even a mini market nearby. Here's how to make meatballs knows that you can apply at home.
This Is How To Make A Super Tasty Tofu Meatballs


Before we entered the how to make meatballs here know this, there are a few ingredients that you should look at:

9 fruit know white
Chicken, ground 50 gr
100 grams of peeled shrimp
1 egg white grains
Granulated sugar to taste
Salt to taste
3 cloves garlic
Chives to taste
Aci flour 2 tbsp

For The Marinade

350 grams of mustard greens
Chives to taste
Celery leaves or a sop to taste
Chicken broth
¼ Freshly ground pepper
Salt to taste only

How To Make A

The first step to making meatballs know this is with mengerok know the core, after it set aside part knew who have been scraped away earlier in the Bowl
Next is please you puree the ingredients the ingredients evenly above first, and then enter into the central part of know already scraped away.
To make it look neat, fill one knows last using a small spoon so can be fully charged.
Now for the broth, you can mix some herbs of yesteryear and stir until blended. If not, please add salt a little longer so that the broth is delicious and also delicious.
If it is, please enter your mustard greens last for several minutes. Then, enter know filled yesteryear into soup meatballs until cooked through.

Well how? How to make meatballs know this very easy is not it? Can you make this for your beloved family meals at home Yes ladies.

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