Donut is one of the snacks are much liked by everyone, the ingredients the ingredients to make Donuts is fairly easy and can be followed by mother at home. Many of the children who brought doughnuts at school because it tastes good, sweet and also nutritious. Well here it will be explained how to make doughnuts are tasty and also soft.

Making Donuts is not as complicated as we imagine, you need only follow the following ways so that the result will be delicious and well liked by the family at home. Here's how to make Donuts and soft money is also good.
Here It Is How To Make Donuts Which Is Very Tasty And Delicious

Before entering how to make Donuts, here there are some materials that should you need:

2 eggs
Salt to taste
200 cc of water
Milk powder 2 tsp
3 tbsp butter
½ kg flour
Granulated sugar to taste
The yeast to taste

How To Make Delicious Donuts

After preparing the above materials, the following tips and how to make doughnuts in order not to hard:

Kocoklah eggs in advance to busanya bubbly, then please put some other ingredients such as sugar, salt, milk, butter and flour, is the last and stir until evenly distributed.
When it is finished, please enter the yeast into the dough and put water to taste. If everything is finished, please close this doughnut dough using a plate or more for half an hour or until fluffy.
Well, next, take 1 tablespoon dough Donuts and rounded and then make a hole in the Center. Doing it this way continuously until dough Donuts last out.
Before frying Donuts, coat thoroughly with the flour first, then heat the cooking oil to taste and gorenglah doughnuts on small fire.
If the color has changed, doughnut lift and chill this donut and then give butter part of it and do not forget to mesis sprinkle in if you wish or can with grave sugar fine sand.

That's the last way of making doughnuts are tasty and nutritious, too, hopefully any family liked the dishes at home so do not buy outside food service that is not necessarily clean.

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